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‘Every Single Seed Of Mine Are For Trophy Of Grace’ – Abi Warriors Goalkeeper, Ojo Olorunleke Showers Encomium On His Kids On Childrens Day (Photos)
‘Every Single Seed Of Mine Are For Trophy Of Grace’ – Abi Warriors Goalkeeper, Ojo Olorunleke Showers Encomium On His Kids On Childrens Day (Photos)

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Ojo Olorunleke, captain of Nigeria Professional Football League side, Abia Warriors, has showered words of prayers on his kids as he celebrates this year’s Childrens day.


Taking to his verified Facebook page today, Thursday, May 27, to pen down the long epistle, the former U23 star who’s happily married to Tosin Olorunleke, wrote:

Almighty God , My Children OLUWAFERANMI ( KING ), OLUWATOMIWA ( PRINCE) Are Gifts And Testimonies, And For This, They Shall Be Blessed In Their Spirit And Soul.

Their Bodies Shall Be Full Of Vitality Of God, Their Lives Are Garnished With Wealth And Abundance, As They Are Experiencing Peace All Around.


I Shall Not Mourn Over My Children, Because They’re Satisfied With Long Life, They Shall Live Long And Take Care Of Me

They Shall Eat The Good Of This Land And Any Land They Step Their Feet.


God Shall Not Take Them Where There Is No Grace.

Erase My Children’s Names From Every Evil List.

There Shall Be No Form Of Delays In The Lives Of My Children.

My Seeds Will Make It On Time. Every Single Seed Of Mine Are For Trophy Of Grace.


Oh God, Give Them Unexplainable Blessings.

I Will Not Be An EX-PARENT.

Oh God, I Secure My Seeds In Your Unfailing Arms.

In Critical Moments, Oh God, Send Help To My Children Wherever They May Be At All Times.


Where My Children Can’t Defend And Stand For Themselves, Oh God, Defend And Vindicate Them.

My Children Shall Not Be An Embarrassment To Me, They Shall Not Be a Cast Away In The Society


Almighty God, Give Them Self Announcing Testimonies, To the Glory Of Your Holy Name.

My Children Shall Not Receive Death Wrapped As Love, They Shall Not Eat The Food Of Their Enemies.


My Children Shall Not Receive Battles Wrapped As Blessings, They Shall Not Seek For Help In The Camp Of The Wicked.

My Children Shall Not Be Spectators In The Gathering Of Glory.

My Children Shall Know Their Creator, And Will Do Great And Mighty Exploits In The Name Of God, The Mighty.


Almighty God, Envelope My Children With Your Shekinah Glory.

My Children Will Be The Ones To Take Care Of Their Own Children.

My Children Shall Reach Their Goals.

Each Of My Children Is Blessed With All The Blessings Of God.

I Shall Not Use My Own Hand To Destroy The Lives Of My Children.


My Children Shall Not Be The Victim Of Anybody’s Mistake.

My Children’s Prosperity Will Be Obvious.




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