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Drama as LASBCA officials, policemen invade Omole Estate, beat up guards
Drama as LASBCA officials, policemen invade Omole Estate, beat up guards

Some armed policemen and officials of the Lagos State Building Control Agency, LASBCA, have caused a stir in a Lagos community on Monday night.

They allegedly beat up some private security guards at Omole Estate Phase 2, Lagos, for refusing to allow them into the estate.

One of the battered guards, Shagbaor Justine, was still undergoing treatment at an undisclosed hospital yesterday night.

A video clip of the invasion showed when a private vehicle was stopped at the entrance of the estate by the estate security guards, who subjected the occupants to some interrogation on their mission to the estate.

Eyewitnesses told Vanguard that occupants of the vehicle identified themselves as LASBCA officials.

But that the guards insisted they must produce a means of identification to authenticate their claims.

The eyewitness, who simply identified himself as Oloyede, said: “They wanted to force their way into the estate.

“They ignored the security men that were asking them questions. Then, one of the occupants got out of the unbranded vehicle and assaulted one of the estate guards.

“He ordered him to open the gate for them without showing any means of identification.

“He was joined by two other occupants in the private vehicle, who were angry that the estate guards had no right to stop them from entering.

“They removed the barricade and insisted on forcing their way in.

“Moments later some touts clad in red shirts bashed into the estate and started beating the estate guards.

“At this point every one took to their heels. A coastal bus and Hilux van also drove inside, with some armed policemen.

“They beat up the estate guards, tore their uniforms and attempted to force one of them into the Coastal bus, as seen in the image above (a screenshot from a CCTV recording of the event).

“The ones in red shirts flug the gate open and one of the armed uniformed men even cocked the gun at one of the security men, threatening to shoot him.

“They took over the entire estate, blocked the other entrance and deprived people from going in or coming out,” Oloyede stated.

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