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LX Library: Deep works for focused success in a different World.. – Cal Newport

IntroductionIn the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, near the northern banks of Lake Zurich, is a village named Bollingen. In 1922, the psychiatrist Carl Ju...[Read More]

LX Library: Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity – Kenneth Having: PDF – Download

INTRODUCTION One of the most difficult tasks in ministering to folks is getting them to understand the truth that God wants them to prosper and do wel...[Read More]

As a Man Thinketh: 21st Century Edition – The Wisdom of James Allen; Rephrased by Sam Torode – PDF Download

As a Man Thinketh: 21st Century Edition is a modern version of As aMan Thinketh (1903) by James Allen. It has been entirely rewritten incontemporary l...[Read More]

LX Library: Secret Of Preparation On Time – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

SECRET OF PREPARATION ON TIMEProverbs 30:24-25: 24 There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: 25 The ants are ...[Read More]

LX Library: Walking With God – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

WALKING WITH GODDeuteronomy 5:30-33; “Go say to them, get you into your tents again. But as for thee, stand thou here by me, and I will speak unto the...[Read More]

LX Library: The Unlimited Power Of Faith – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

IntroductionFaith is that spiritual force which opens humanity to a world of unlimited possibilities. Faith is a world of no limits; if you can believ...[Read More]

LX Library: Put Your Angels To Work – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

INTRODUCTIONThe ministry of angels has been in existence ever since God created the world. When man was made, the psalmist says, he was made a little ...[Read More]

LX Library: The 7 Ingredients For a Meaningful Life – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

PURPOSE IN LIFE: – Purpose is the reason for doing a thing. It is the original intent for a pursuit. Many people go into things blindly. Many st...[Read More]

LX Library: Releasing The Supernatural – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

Suddenly the lights began to dim and the appliances began to falter. Bright light around the neighbouring indicated that something was the matter with...[Read More]

LX Library: 15 Success Habits of Bishop David Oyedepo – Daniel C. Okpara.Pdf Download

A Summary of 10 Years Study of the Life and Ministry of Dr. David Oyedepo, resident Bishop of Faith Tabernacle, Ogun State, Nigeria, the Largest Singl...[Read More]

LX Library: Operating in The Supernatural – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

IntroductionI believe the supernatural is the true root of Christianity. What do I mean by this? Consider this: the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a ...[Read More]

LX Library: Satan Get Lost – Bishop David Oyedepo.Pdf Download

Introduction God Wants You FreeThe Lord spoke to me in a vision on the 1st of May 1981. I saw all the blind, the lame, people in rags, men in pains, w...[Read More]

LX Library: Showers of Blessings: Rains of The Spirit – Bishop David Oyedepo.pdf Download

IntroductionAnd I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in the...[Read More]

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