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Police arrests an 18-year-old boy for plotting to kill his Asian friend because he slept with 3 white girls
Police arrests an 18-year-old boy for plotting to kill his Asian friend because he slept with 3 white girls

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A teenage boy, 18, boy has been apprehended for allegedly plotting to murder his Asian friend because he slept with three ‘white chicks’.


The boy identified as Matthew Cronjager, is said to be a ‘racist, antisemitic and Islamaphobic’ teenager. He was arrested on December 29, 2020 after an undercover cop caught him allegedly spreading hateful literature and discussing terrorist plans.


The teenager from Essex in UK, reportedly used the messaging platforms Telegram and Theema to exchange messages with other white nationalists.


While allegedly discussing using a 3D printer to create guns last November, Cronjager supposedly told the undercover officer;


‘I’ve found someone I want to execute.

‘I know it’s an overall target and he’s a sand n***** that f***** a white girl. In fact I think three of them. They’re like cockroaches.

‘Do you know what’s weird. I was friends with him for ages and I can just kill him like that. I have no hang ups about doing it. He crossed the line.’


The undercover cop then asked whether the girls had been raped and Cronjager is accused of saying;


‘Nope, but it’s a violation of nature.

‘We’re not supposed to mix race … It’s not rape by legal definition but it’s kind of like rape if that makes sense. Violation at least.’


Cronjager is also accused of planning to build an underground bunker to house dangerous weapons for a ‘white revolution’. He reportedly discussed this in a group chat which supposedly believed that ‘pure whiteness was preferable’ in a society but segregation would be fine if they ‘had to compromise’.


The court also heard that after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in the US, Cronjager allegedly said;


‘All this stuff about “I can’t breeefff” is complete s-t’. He then went on to talk about ‘anti-white racism’.


The court heard Conjager bought into ‘various racist tropes’, such as blaming Jewish people for both world wars and the conflict in the Middle East.


Prosecutor Alistair Richardson said;


‘As of 2019-20 (Conjager) held radical, extreme right-wing beliefs.

‘To use his own word, “fascist” beliefs. He wanted to bring about a change of government by violence.

‘He hated people of different colour skin, he hated Jews, he hated Muslims, he hated people of different sexual orientation to his own.

‘He hated Asians who had sexual intercourse with white people.’


Cronjager was accused of allegedly using a 3D printer to draw up plans for a storage bunker to keep firearms and ammunition. ‘I really just want a glock or something ,’ he wrote in one message.


Mr Richardson concluded by saying;


‘You can see the defendant not just wanting a firearm, but also ammunition for it. In other words, he wanted to be able to use that firearm.’


In April 2019, he downloaded information about explosives, home-made silencers and firearms, jurors were told. He is also alleged to have saved a video on his phone of the Christchurch terror atrocity in New Zealand in which 51 people were killed and 40 injured.


Mr Cronjager however denied engaging in conduct in preparation for terrorist acts between 31 October and 19 December. He has pleaded not guilty to disseminating terrorist publications through “a library” on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.


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