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Nineteen UK soldiers returns a positive test for cannabis and cocaine
Nineteen UK soldiers returns a positive test for cannabis and cocaine

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About 19 soldiers from one squadron have reportedly tested positive for Cannabis and cocaine and in the UK’s army’s biggest ever drugs bust.

The military personnel from 1st Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment had been doing drugs at the barracks and at their home, army sources have disclosed. The Soldiers in the Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire had complained they were bored and had nothing to do.


The majority of those caught were soldiers of Private rank but at least one was a Lance Corporal.

An army source reportedly told The Sun: ‘This is off the scale, it has sent shockwaves through the Army. Nineteen in one round of testing is a large number and raises very serious questions.

‘Before lockdown, the regiment were being tested every few weeks but this latest round was the first for quite a long time.

‘These are individual cases as well, it wasn’t one wild night out. Jaws were on the floor with shock.’


The army confirmed the report in a statement:


‘A number of soldiers from 1 YORKS recently failed a compulsory drugs test.


‘The Army does not tolerate drug abuse within its ranks as it is in- compatible with military service and operational effectiveness.

‘Army personnel caught taking drugs can expect to be discharged.’


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