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17-year-old teenager stabs and kill his father then records and share videos and pictures online
17-year-old teenager stabs and kill his father then records and share videos and pictures online

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A teenage boy in France has been taken into Police custody after he stabbed and killed his dad and then proceeded to sharing pictures of the crime scene online, investigators said on Tuesday, June 8.


The boy, 17, in Ploeren, a town of about 6,000 in the northwestern Brittany region, put a call across to the police late Saturday, June 5, to say that “he had just stabbed his father to death in the family home”, prosecutor Francois Touron said in a statement.


When police arrived at the home, they found the dead man’s body with multiple knife wounds, and arrested the son, who was under the influence of alcohol.


Already, the teen had shared a video of the crime scene on social media, Touron said.


Police quickly took down the video, and a psychological support unit was set up to help the recipients, and their parents, with any trauma from viewing the gruesome footage.


According to investigators the teenager, after drinking at a party, made his way to the home where his father had been living alone for weeks after his wife and their two children moved out.


He let himself in, took two knives from the kitchen, woke his father up in the bedroom and stabbed him, the prosecutor said.


The boy told police he had wanted to put an end to his father’s violent behaviour, triggered by drinking, which he said had caused much suffering for the family.


Last month, the boy’s mother filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband and authorities opened a criminal investigation. She then left the family home with the couple’s two children.


An investigating magistrate late Monday charged the teenager with voluntary manslaughter and the publication of images related to a crime involving bodily harm.

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