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We Will Pile More Miseries For Abia Warriors – FC Ifeanyi Ubah Centre-back, James Abel
We Will Pile More Miseries For Abia Warriors – FC Ifeanyi Ubah Centre-back, James Abel

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FC Ifeanyi Ubah center back, James Abel has dropped a hint of what’s to be expected later today at FC Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium, when FC Ifeanyi Ubah take on relegation threatened Abia Warriors in NPFL Matchday 5 clash.


The defense minister, Abel, while speaking with Lodgexpress ahead of the highly anticipated oriental derby clash on Sunday, January 17, disclosed that victory over struggling side Abia Warriors is unnegotiable.


He said;

“To be honest, the team’s spirit at the moment is down, no one’s happy with three consecutive losses in four games, but nevertheless, we the players are still pushing hard, we’ve not giving up the fight, everyone’s working hard and our preparations have been intensified to make sure we make up for the lost points and at the moment, I believe we’ll do all it takes to effect a change in our current situation”.

Abel who went on to speak about the possible outcome of the clash, when quizzed if losing at home to Abia Warriors is any option, replied;


“Our victory today is unnegotiable, our three points against Abia Warriors is very sure, draw is not even an option not to talk of another home defeat.

“Abia Warriors sitting 20th in the log is their business which they’ll have to deal with it but for me, I’m really focused on my team, I’m focused on helping my team get out of the current situation we’re finding ourselves, whether Abia Warriors get relegated or not, it’s not really important to me.

“We’re coming all out to pile on more misery for them here in Nnewi”.

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