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LX Movie: Try Again (Nollywood) Download

In Lagos City, a disillusioned bachelor finds himself torn between his lover and her daughter. Cast: Jennifer Eliogu, Vivian Pius, Timini Egbuson, Uch...[Read More]

LX Movie: Love & Issues (Nollywood) Download

Three couples battle the issues of insecurity and miscommunication in their respective marriages. They find their way out through marriage counseling,...[Read More]

LX Movie: High Horse (Nollywood) Download

After comparing her uncouth husband with her neighbor, Brandy is prepared to end her love relationship. She realizes that she has made the biggest mis...[Read More]

LX Movie: A Love to Remember (Nollywood) Download

In order to get back at her ex, a young lady agrees to go on a date with an emotionally unavailable young man. They begin to form emotional attachment...[Read More]

A Naija Christmas (2021) – Nollywood Download

A mother’s Christmas wish – and the grand prize that comes with it – sets off a fierce competition between her sons. Cast: Mercy Johnson, Kunle Remi, ...[Read More]

LX Movie: Love And Money (Nollywood) Download

When a couple go bankrupt and in debt, the wife decides to take matters into her own hand by pursuing alternative means. Consequences arise they have ...[Read More]

LX Movie: Rebellion – (Nollywood) Download

The daughter of a village head fights unwholesome activities against women by questionable people, who masqurade behind misinterpretations of old trad...[Read More]

LX Movie: Sin (Nollywood Movie) Download

Ellie must pay for her father’s sins as she gets abducted by Martins who is seeking vengeance for the murder of his fiancé. Events take a dramatic twi...[Read More]

LX Movie: Kambiri (Nollywood Movie) Download

A father is forced to pick which of his children will be burdened with a curse. Cast: Gloria Anozie Young, Femi Durojaiye, Chucks Chyke, Bolaji Ogunmo...[Read More]

LX Movie: The Big Mistake (Nollywood Movie) Download

A player, who can’t seem to settle down with one girl gets emotionally attached to his sisters boss. Cast: Kunle Remi , Ruth Kadiri , Bofie Ito’mbra ,...[Read More]

LX Movie: Love Me Blind (Nollywood Movie) Download

Jilted by a superficial girlfriend, Kelvin gradually forms a deep connection with a burn victim who offers to help him regain his sight Cast: Ik Ogbon...[Read More]

LX Movie: Everything It Takes (Nollywood) Download

In the search for true love, a prince concocts a plan to conceal his identity and portray himself as everything that he is not Cast: Frances Nsonwu Ik...[Read More]

LX Movie: Tanwa Savage

Tanwa Savage follows the true life marriage scandal of a popular Nigerian celebrity. One man and three pregnant women from three different tribes unde...[Read More]

LX Movie: Truly Deeply Madly (Nollywood) Download

While seeking vengeance on her cheating husband, Sandra takes on a game to make Olatunji move on from his estranged fiancé while she remains in a roma...[Read More]

LX Movie: Desecrated (Nollywood) Download

Cast: Femi Jacobs, Jerry Mudiaga, Nuella Njubigbo VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: Desecrated.720p.Esub.mkvFilesize: 228.10 MBDuration: 01:25:01Subtitle: E...[Read More]

LX Movie: Lockdown (Nollywood) Download

Angela was advised for an urgent lockdown during the pandemic by her doctor while battling with chronic asthma. An interest figure in the dark hires a...[Read More]

LX Movie: Shadowless (Nollywood) Download

When the world they live in was against them, two lovers must face all the obstacles or let death unite them Cast: Frank Artus, Qwasi Blay, Jessica Wi...[Read More]

LX Movie: Enclosed (Nollywood) Download

Three freinds with different phases in marriage, regardless of their controversy, they came to one point of solution… Cast: Francis Duru, Paul Sambo, ...[Read More]

LX Movie: Ikemefuna (Nollywood) Download

The joy of motherhood is stripped from her, but hell hath no fury… Cast: Eucharia Anunobi, Somadina Adinma, Ifeoma Obinwa, Godwin Nnadiekwe VIDEO INFO...[Read More]

LX Movie: Try Again (Nollywood) Download

In Lagos City, a disillusioned bachelor finds himself torn between his lover and her daughter. Cast: Jennifer Eliogu, Vivian Pius, Timini Egbuson, Uch...[Read More]

LX Movie: Nurses From Hell (Nollywood) Download

Four nurses career minded to the point go neglecting their families, were relentless even at their jobs, They breached most of the medical ethics rega...[Read More]

LX Movie: Love is Thicker (Nollywood) Download

After Antonia had disapproved of all her twin brother’s past girlfriends and also tried to set Lauretta up with him under conditions, Tony pops up wit...[Read More]

LX Movie: Side Chicks (Nollywood) Download

Latifa is a well known love therapist and tv host she recently got engaged to the love of her life and have the best selling book preaching against si...[Read More]

LX Movie: The Brightons (Nollywood) Download

The Brightons look like a perfect family but in their perfection lies some imperfections that threatens to rip them apart. From an age long rift betwe...[Read More]

LX Movie: The Man Between Us (Nollywood) Download

Amber comes home with Nonso who happens to be the Mystery guy Amber’s Mom, Elina is fantasizing over. Life takes a twist of events when Amber is repor...[Read More]

LX Movie: Alter Ego (Nollywood) Download

“Alter Ego” is a film about a woman who will stop at nothing to see sex offenders and molesters punished! And if she cannot get the courts to imprison...[Read More]

LX Movie: Tide (Nollywood) Download

Melvin must do everything he can to win Zoe’s heart, even if it means changing his reckless lifestyle, but it appears that Zoe is a tough nut to crack...[Read More]

LX Movie: Famous (Nollywood) Download

On the road to stardom, a lady’s naivety will cost her dearly. Cast: Anthony Woode, Jasmine Baroudi, Dela Yawo Seade VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: Famou...[Read More]

LX Movie: Elozonam (Nollywood) Download

A single father raising his children in poverty must change his approach or lose his boys altogether. Cast: Ernest Obi, Rita Edochie, Iyke Adiele VIDE...[Read More]

LX Movie: Bad Wife Material (Nollywood) – Download

A lady is tasked with changing one woman’s perception of girls from the village. Cast: Franca Brown, Racheal Okonkwo, Georgina Ibeh, Lilly Stan Igboan...[Read More]

Unconventional (Nollywood) Download

Coming from a place of battered and unfair relationship tussles, Adegboyega connects with Excel after a preplanned meetup by their friends. At the spu...[Read More]

Fated To Love (Nollywood) Download

After spending a night with the successor to a large company, a call girl finds herself in a rivalry with the lady he is compelled to marry. Cast: Mar...[Read More]

Open Secret (Nollywood) Download

Monife’s long kept secret about her child is about to be spilt Cast: Ayo Adesanya, Emma Ayalogu, Vivian Pius, Okey Uzoeshi, Osita Oluchukwu, Frances B...[Read More]

Mask (Nollywood) Download

Peer pressure, pride and greed puts Sotonye’s marriage plans in jeopardy. Cast: Ayo Adesanya, Segun Arinze, Uzor Arukwe, Bimbo Ademoye VIDEO INFORMATI...[Read More]

Gone (Nollywood) Download

Ani leaves his wife, 2 year old daughter and an unborn son back in Nigeria in search for a better life in New York City as a boxer. In a bid to obtain...[Read More]

Swallow (2021) Nollywood – Download

Set in the 1980s, Tolani Ajao is a bank secretary in Lagos, who finds herself persuaded by her friend Rose Adamson to enter the world of drug traffick...[Read More]

Blood Affair (Nollywood) Download

Being a victim of her own self-complexities she is slowly removed from her relationship.. Castring: Emeka Enyiocha, Junior Pope Odonwodo, Rita Edochie...[Read More]

Before The Wedding (Nollywood) Download

Years after escaping abuse at home, a woman returns home. Cast: Benjamin Lugo Touitou, Amaka Eze Amaka, Stephen Damian, Debby Felix, Isoken Igbinigie,...[Read More]

Amma (Nollywood) Download

Amma is given a briefcase of 9million dollars by her fugitive husband to raise her child. After a brief incident, she grows emotionally attached to he...[Read More]

Sweet Revenge (Nollywood) Download

After catching her husband cheating, a woman plots the perfect revenge. Cast: Kenneth Okolie, Bayray McNwizu, Darlene Oluchi Odogbili, Stephanie Anadu...[Read More]

Omo Ghetto (Nollywood) Download

This is a story about Lefty who, together with her squad from the ghetto, was always getting into one trouble or the other. Cast: Funke Akindele-Bello...[Read More]

Jenifa’s Diary Season 24 Episode 11-13 (Series) Download

Pelumi gets into debt for her fake surprise birthday party. On the flip side, Hassan misplaced a customer’s hair. How will he get through this? Find O...[Read More]

The Mismatched (Nollywood) Download

Dike’s girlfriend pays him a surprise visit as he reluctantly cohabits with his ex during a pandemic. Cast: Ijeoma Grace Agu, Blessing Onwukwe, Belind...[Read More]

Chance Encounter (Nollywood) Download

Jolted by her conscience, a woman confesses to her husband that she might be pregnant for her ex. There’s a tussle between two men on who should fathe...[Read More]

Love Box (Nollywood) Download

Two unmarried lovers, who have lived together long term decide to go separate ways, to experience relationship with other people. Have they gone too f...[Read More]

Thorns and Roses (Nollywood) Download

Zino is hell-bent on frustrating her husband with her overbearing behavior and character display. How the situation escalates to a love story for Ben ...[Read More]

Keeping Promise (Nollywood) Download

A successful young lady battles with a life-altering ailment and ill-luck with finding a perfect relationship. Her perception about men is skewed; lea...[Read More]

Craving (Nollywood) Download

To satisfy their sexual desires, two couples who happen to be neighbors engages in some secret sexcapade, until their tiny little secret is exposed ri...[Read More]

About Time (Nollywood) Download

Doreen’s weekend with Larry rekindles the emotions from a past romance. Cast: Yul Edochie, Pat Attah, Damilare Kuku, Khing Bassey, Chiamaka Ihediohamm...[Read More]

Unroyal (Nollywood) Download

When a rude and arrogant princess finds herself relying on a gatekeeper after a terrible accident, it may be enough to make her change her ways. Cast:...[Read More]

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