Nollywood Movies

Nollywood Movie: Unwanted (2022) – Download

Contending for her husband’s attention becomes a fairytale. She hatches a plan – one that could go either way. VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: Unwanted.48...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: To All The Broken Hearted (2021) – Download

The arrival of Elena’s new neighbour brings her some comfort but he has his own grief, which he suffers silently. VIDEO DETAILS Filename: To.All.The.B...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: Not My Will (2022) – Download

Amaka is emotionally blackmailed into marrying an abusive man. VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: Not.My.Will.480p.[9jaRocks.Com].mkvFilesize: 382.06 MBDurat...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: Memoir (2022) – Download

Zara’s relationship with her crush could seemingly end as quickly as it started. VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: Memoir.480p.mkvFilesize: 291.85 MBDuratio...[Read More]

Nollywood Yoruba Movie: U-Turn (2021) – Download

A driver and his lone passenger embark on a long journey while hiding their true intentions from one another. VIDEO INFORMATION Filename: U.Turn.720p....[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: Weather For Two (2022) – Download

A meeting with the family lawyer causes chaos for the Thompson family, with betrayal, infidelity, and lies leading to bloody consequences VIDEO DETAIL...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: The Story Of Boy & Girl (2022) – Download

Uche’s hopes of becoming a professional footballer hits a wall following his parents’ deaths, but the skills he picked up from his father will come in...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: The Knot (2022) – Download

A couple caught in the euphoria of their whirlwind romance skip a most important detail. Cast: Scarlet Gomez, Susan Jimah Odiachi, Dan Ugoji, Chika Ag...[Read More]

Nollywood Movie: Seeking Solace (2022) – Download

The search for greener pastures is hit with a reality check with the realisation that success is hinged on the actions of a pimp. VIDEO INFORMATION Fi...[Read More]

Download: The Man for the Job (2022) – Nollywood Movie

A brilliant engineer teams up with a young recruit to solve a software problem for an IT company. However, things take a turn for the worse when he’s ...[Read More]

Download: The Perfect Guy – Nollywood Movie

With a fulfilling career and a desirable catch of a man, it’s safe to assume that Lillian is set for a home run towards happiness. Cast: Perez Egbi, U...[Read More]

Download: The Meddler – Nollywood Movie

Bankole and Abby, a young couple, wished they had thought twice before leasing an apartment from a widow, Catherine, as it appeared she was always pry...[Read More]

Download: The Other Marriage – Nollywood Movie

Tortured by the inflicted abuse of her previous marriage and the pressure from her mother, Amanda takes the baggage of her previous encounters into he...[Read More]

Download: The Accident – Nollywood Movie

A virtuous woman is poised to be a crown to her husband as he is revealed to be more of a monster than a man Cast: Okey Uzoeshi, Lilly Stan Igboanugo,...[Read More]

Download: Not Too Old to Play – Nollywood Movie

An elderly man with a fetish for younger women is treated to a group of ladies in the neighbourhood While on vacation at his son’s house. Cast: Jide K...[Read More]

Download: Black Sheep – Nollywood movie

A wealthy man forcefully gets his son married to his gateman’s daughter, but the end will justifies the means. Cast: Raphael Atewe, Oma Nnadi, Wole Oj...[Read More]

Download: Collision Course – Nollywood Movie

A law enforcement officer tries to make ends meet by soliciting bribes. But a tense run-in with a wealthy young musician changes his life forever. Cas...[Read More]

Download: The Bait – Nollywood Movie

Brenda’s objective to get close to Vincent and extract information is hampered by her emotions. Cast: Benjamin Lugo Touitou, Lydia Lawrence-Eze, Josep...[Read More]

A Love Like This – Nollywood Movie

From rock bottom to a seemingly haven-like situation – maybe the right decision or a smokescreen. Cast: Blessing Jessica Obasi, Uzor Arukwe, Bimbo Ade...[Read More]

Omotolani – Nollywood Yoruba Movie

After a terrible heartbreak, Omotolani is determined to concentrate on her career until she finds love in the most unexpected place, but she has her m...[Read More]

Hila – Nollywood Movie

A multimillionaire Dying grandma in search of her successor turned to total strangers for help pitching her grandchildren against themselves. Director...[Read More]

Birthing Pains – Nollywood Movie

Struggling with uncertainty and an unfaithful partner in her marriage, Becky must divorce her marriage and move on with her life until she discovers s...[Read More]

Hog-Tie – Nollywood Movie

Camara’s life-long desire to impact the lives of children from the slums is being resisted by people benefiting from the status quo. Cast: Anthony Woo...[Read More]

The Pendulum – Nollywood Movie

A story of pain, agony, and forgiveness. A young medical practitioner is not only haunted after fleeing an accident scene. Turns out she has other dee...[Read More]

Celebrity Crash – Nollywood Movie

Unknown to Daniel, his PA uses his social media handle for mischief; but one such mischief would turn out in his favour. Cast: Ik Ogbonna, Angela Egua...[Read More]

Grey Roses – Nollywood Movie

Afraid of heartbreak, Winifred rejects all advances but a relentless Bernard decides to improvise in a bid to break through her defences. Cast: Wendy ...[Read More]

Love Language – Nollywood Movie

The little things that count almost cost Bankole the love of his life. Cast: Uzor Arukwe, Kachi Nnochiri, Scarlet Gomez, Jennifer Frank-Nosa, Diamond ...[Read More]

Omotoke – Nollywood Movie

After being discriminated against, Omtoke’s meeting with doctor Dafe will be life changing. Cast: Uzor Arukwe, Emem D. Ufot, Sandra Okunzuwa, Vivian G...[Read More]

Glamour Girls (2022) – Nollywood Movie

The world of high-end escorts promises glamour, wealth and the chance of reinvention for a group of women — till a killing and theft threaten it all. ...[Read More]

Time Looped – Nollywood Movie

A young married man is trapped in a time loop until he learns by divinity the one thing that will keep and sustain his marriage. Cast: Daniel Etim Efi...[Read More]

City Of Dreams – Nollywood Movie

A comedic look at Lagos and its residents inherent dreams and aspirations. Cast: Toyin Abraham, Kehinde Bankole, Jide Kosoko, Bolanle Ninolowo, Tina M...[Read More]

Dear Diary – Nollywood Movie

Zara and her husband must defend their marriage from the claws of Scandalous Sam. He reaches a deadlock at the brink of achieving his selfish gains. C...[Read More]

Koi Koi – Nollywood Short Movie

Two boarding house students , Edith and Ade must perform a ritual before a certain period correctly to break a curse they put on themselves, if they a...[Read More]

At Any Cost – Nollywood Movie

A working-class single mom who juggles between the trouble-waters of career and parenthood get’s introduced to a man by a friend, with a cloud of unce...[Read More]

Marriage Pranks – Nollywood Movie

Husband and wife struggle to find a balance between the love-of-self and selfishness. Cast: Tana Adelana , Femi Jacobs , Charles Okocha , Sonny McDon ...[Read More]

Intentions – Nollywood Movie

Kosarachi’s brother-in-law spares no penny to make her comfortable after her husband’s death – but to what end? Cast: Michael Uchegbu, Lilly Stan Igbo...[Read More]

Miss Bamidele’s Girls – Nollywood Movie

After constantly disobeying her mother and refusing to play by the rules, Siobhan is sent to a reformation school for girls, only to be greeted by a h...[Read More]