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Women elected Mayors leading cities in Morocco

Three women have been elected Mayors in Morocco’s leading cities, following a nationwide parliamentary, regional and municipal polls on Septembe...[Read More]

Nick Cannon says he’s taking a break from having more kids after his therapist suggested celibacy following the arrival of his 7th child

Nick Cannon has revealed is taking a break from having more kids after his therapist suggested he tried celibacy following the birth of his 7th child....[Read More]

Court in Uganda jails Govt official for 40 years for embezzling $26.4m from a scheme funded by the governments of Sweden, Ireland and Denmark

A Ugandan anti-corruption court on Friday, September 24, sentenced a government official to 40 years in prison and ordered him to pay $5.4 million in ...[Read More]

Being a housewife now passed to law as a full-time payable job – Kenya High Court

Teresia Matheka, a High Court judge in Kenya, has reportedly declared being a housewife a fulltime job that should attract some form of payment.  ...[Read More]

Man beaten to death by his brothers after he assaulted their mother because of food

Two men identified as Pascaliano Odhiambo (29) and Bonventure Ouma, (19) have both been arrested for assaulting their elder brother in Kenya, to the p...[Read More]

Woman with a pending cases in court captured on camera sprinkling unknown substance office of the magistrate

A Kenyan woman has been detained after being caught on CCTV camera on Wednesday September 22, 2021 sprinkling an unknown white substance outside the p...[Read More]

Man plans on cutting off his manhood after spending over £61k to become a ‘human dragon’

An ex bank manager, who has spent thousands of Pounds to transform his body, has now planned on cutting off his manhood.   Richard Hernandez, a L...[Read More]

Killer of George Floyd, Derek Chauvin appeals his 22 years conviction

Ex Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin, convicted of the murder of African-American man George Floyd back in 2020 has decided to appeal against his convict...[Read More]

Your call to put an end to Korean War is premature – North Korea replies South Korea

North Korea has stated that South Korea’s call to declare a formal end to their Korean War is premature as there is no guarantee it would lead t...[Read More]

Spiritual leader in Sri Lanka dies of Coronavirus after claiming he could end the outbreak of the pandemic in his country with his holy water

A spiritualist in Sri Lanka, Eliyantha White, who claimed he could end the country’s covid outbreak with ‘blessed’ water has died of...[Read More]

Trade Union in Ghana locks up over 40 shops belonging to foreigners(photos)

About 40 shops belonging to non Ghanaians in the eastern region of Koforidua was on Monday September 20, sealed by members of the Ghana Union of Trade...[Read More]

Gas station worker shot and killed by a customer over facemask

A worker at a fuel station has been fatally shot by a customer after he asked him to wear face mask.   The victim, a 20-year-old cashier in Idar-...[Read More]

Burial interrupted as man is caught placing two eggs inside in-law’s coffin

It was all drama at a funeral service after a 60-year-old man was caught placing eggs in a coffin a late prominent business lady in Kenya.   The ...[Read More]

Update: Manny Pacquiao comes out of retirement barely a day after announcement

The future of boxing icon and politician, Manny Pacquiao, has been plunged back into uncertainty barely 24-hrs after he confirmed his retirement from ...[Read More]

Attempted coup twarted by the military in Sudan, suspects apprehended

An attempted coup was thwarted in Sudan and the situation is now under control, the country’s military disclosed on Tuesday, September 21 in a stateme...[Read More]

23-year-old ex Rugby player, Liam Walsh dies after being involved in an accident

Ex-rugby league star, Liam Walsh has sadly passed away at the age of 23 after being hit by a car. Walsh was involved in an accident late on Saturday n...[Read More]

Stranger rapes woman in a churchyard in UK

A lady in her 20s has reportedly been sexually assaulted in a churchyard reportedly located in Oxfordshire.   According to report, the man approa...[Read More]

Gunman attacks University on Russia, kills 8

Not fewer than eight people have lost their lives after a gunman went berserk and attacked a Russian University on Monday morning, September 20.  ...[Read More]

US Army apologizes to Afghanistan after learning that it’s drone strike meant for ISIS-K terrorists led to the death of ten civilians in Kabul including kids

The US military has come out to tender an apology after finding out that it’s drone bombing on a vehicle back in August led to the death of 10 c...[Read More]

Women’s ministry in Afghanistan shut down by Taliban, replaced with ‘morality police’

The Taliban in Afghanistan looks to have shut down the women’s affairs ministry and have it replaced with the ‘Morality police’ a de...[Read More]

Baby, 3, abducted by uncle over debt owed by his parents, found alive inside a forest

A 3-year-old kid who was abducted by his uncle over a debt owed by his parents owed, has been found hidden inside a forest in Kenya.   The toddle...[Read More]

Police in US arrests two Nigerians alongside one other for the killing of an 8-year-old kid

Three Nigerian nationals have been apprehended in connection with the killing of an 8-year-old boy in Prince George’s County, police said Wednes...[Read More]

French troops kills head of ISIS in North Africa who had a bounty of $5m

Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, head of Islamic State in north Africa, who was declared wanted for deadly attacks on US troops and foreign aid workers, ha...[Read More]

Hyena attacks and kill two toddlers in Kenya

The children’s mother Two kids have lost their lives following an attack by Hyenas at Baisa village in Kinango, Kwale County, Kenya.   The ...[Read More]

Lady, 19, reunites with her mother 14 years after being allegedly ‘kidnapped’ by her father when she was just age 6

A19-year-old US lady, Jacqueline Hernandez who was allegedly “abducted” when she was 6-years-old, has reunited with her mum 14 years after...[Read More]

640 people in England dies of Coronavirus after they were fully vaccinated – New report

Not fewer than 640 people who were fully vaccinated in England, died of Covid-19 in six months (January to July) accounting for just 1% of deaths, new...[Read More]

Two teenagers accused of planning a mass shooting in school, presented in court

Two teenage boys in Florida have presented before a judge after being accused of masterminding to carry out a mass school shooting like the 1999 Colum...[Read More]

Twin siblings fall and die from 10th floor while their mum was on Facebook live streaming

Two twins have sadly padded away after falling from the 10th floor at a block of flats in Romania while their mom was live streaming on Facebook and a...[Read More]

Taliban denies claims it’s deputy leader, Mulah Abdul Baradar, was killed during a gun battle a the presidential palace

The Taliban have been forced to play down reports that it’s deputy leader Mullah Baradar has died after rumours emerged that he was killed durin...[Read More]

Man who’s wife won £5.5m lottery pleads guilty of attempting to kill her at her at family apartment

One Mr Stephen Gibbs, a 45-year-old husband of a 49-year-old woman, Emma Brown, who won a £5.5 million lottery, has pleaded guilty of attempting to mu...[Read More]

France international and Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy arrives court to face trial after being accused of rape

Manchester City and France defender, Benjamin Mendy has arrived in court to face trial for rape charges.   Mendy, 27, charged with four counts of...[Read More]

28-year-old South African man kills his mother because she hid food inside her room

One Mukhethwa Tshivhase, 28, has allegedly murdered his mother using a broomstick because she ‘hid their food in her room’   Tshivhas...[Read More]

Couple in Russia banned from naming their son after President Vladimír Putin

A Swedish couple were banned in Russia from naming their kid after Russian president Vladimir Putin. The excited parents tendered their request to nam...[Read More]

I’d like to beat Joe Biden in a Boxing fight – Donald Trump

Ex US President Donald Trump has said that he’d like to beat up current US President, Joe Biden in a boxing match.   Mr. Trump, 75 stated this du...[Read More]

Tenants connive to kill their landlady after she visited to get rent

Two tenants have been accused of killing their landlady after she visited them to collect the rent.   Randy J. Ellison, Swainsboro Police Chief, ...[Read More]

Over 12,000 granted France citizenship following their efforts as frontline workers during the pandemic

France has officially granted citizenship to about 12,000 foreign-born health workers in a gesture to thank them for their services during the Covid c...[Read More]

Residents discover about 150 dogs buried alive in a mass grave

About 150 dogs were discovered buried alive in a mass grave after residents heard some of them barking.   Reports say terrified dogs were discove...[Read More]

President Biden announces vaccine mandate which could leave companies with over 100 staff to vaccinate everyone or face sanctions

President of the United States, Joe Biden has made public a sweeping plan that could force millions of unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 jab....[Read More]

Afghanistan: Taliban ready to form alliance with every country except Israel

The Taliban adminstration in Afghanistan has announced that they are willing to setup ties with all countries except Israel.   Spokesman for the ...[Read More]

Man leaves behind his bank transfer pin and phone security pattern before committing suicide

One Mr Lawrence Munene, a 24-year-old man who resorted to suicide in his house on Monday September 6, has been discovered to have left behind a suicid...[Read More]

Erstwhile President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani tenders apology to Afghan citizens after he fled the country following Taliban takeover

Ex President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has tendered an apology to Afghans after he fled to take refuge in the United Arab Emirates as the Taliban a...[Read More]

Growing cannabis at home now legalized in Italy

Italy is all ready to allow the small-scale cultivation of cannabis plants at home after an approval was given by the Lower House’s justice comm...[Read More]

Nigerian lady puts up eerie look in mugshot after being apprehended for threatening to blow up a medical facility

A Nigerian lady who was apprehended in the United States in line with a terror threat on a Maryland hospital gave an eerie look while posing for her m...[Read More]

Kenyans slam their female lawmaker for having her name branded on a house she built for a needy person (photos)

A female Kenyan legislator, Hon. Elsie Muhanda, has come under heat for branding her name on the house she built for a person in need in her constitue...[Read More]

Kenyans reacts as political aspirant donates pot to a school with her name and political position branded on it

Rebecca Lomong, a female representative candidate in Baringo County, Kenya, kick-started her election campaign by donating a huge size single pot to a...[Read More]

Bodies of three kids declared missing in South Africa found floating on a river

The remains of three children who were declared missing in South Africa last week have been found floating in a river. Spokesperson of the Police, Bri...[Read More]

Two men brutally attacked while trying to stop two girls from getting sexually assaulted

A 25-year-old and 19-year-old man were knocked out while attempting to stop a two girls from getting raped. Dan, identified as one of the men on a fun...[Read More]

US forces will soon return to Afghanistan – US lawmaker, Lindsey Graham says

US lawmaker Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has predicted that the US troops “will be going back into Afghanistan” in the future as a result of the ...[Read More]

German ambassador to China dies barely 14 days after his appointment

The Germany ambassador to China, Jan Hecker has lost his life, barely 2-weeks into the job.   Hecker, a foreign policy advisor to Chancellor Ange...[Read More]

Six Palestinian fugitives flee from Israeli highly secured prison through tunnel in a toilet

Six militants serving times in Israel, broke out of a high-security facility on Monday September. According to a statement by Israeli Prisons Service,...[Read More]