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Moroccan officials accused of intimidation after fracas at African unity event in Australia

A diplomatic celebration of African unity in Canberra, Australia, has degenerated into an undiplomatic altercation, with officials from the Moroccan e...[Read More]

South Africa grants Putin and Brics leaders diplomatic immunity for summit

South Africa has issued blanket diplomatic immunity to all leaders attending an August summit, meaning Vladimir Putin might be able to travel to Johan...[Read More]

US may restrict visas for Ugandan officials in wake of anti-LGBTQ+ laws

The US may restrict visas issued to Ugandan officials in its latest condemnation to the African country’s enactment of stringent – and highly controve...[Read More]

Fighting in Sudan continues as week of ceasefire nears its end

Gunshots and artillery fire have rocked the Sudanese capital on the last day of a frequently breached ceasefire, as calls to arms stoked fears the six...[Read More]

Not fewer than 153 died in custody in El Salvador’s gang crackdown – report

The human cost of El Salvador’s controversial “war on gangs” has been laid bare in a new report which claims dozens of prisoners were tortured and kil...[Read More]

President Macron to call for European ‘strategic awakening’ after Ukraine invasion

Emmanuel Macron is to make a diplomatic push to reassure central and eastern European countries that France understands that the continent’s security ...[Read More]

British paddleboarder killed by lightning strike in Greece was told to get out of water

The partner of a British tourist who died when he was struck by lightning while paddleboarding off Rhodes had beseeched him to return to shore when th...[Read More]

Kosovo protest: ‘Fascist mobs’ guided by Serbia causing violence, says country’s PM

Kosovo’s prime minister has blamed violence in the north of the country on “fascist mobs” controlled by the government of neighbouring Serbia, and sai...[Read More]

Asian Americans do not have access to abortion information, survey finds

Asian Americans do not have adequate access to information about how to obtain an abortion, according to a new report. Cultural stigmas against conver...[Read More]

Donald Trump reiterates pledge to scrap birthright US citizenship

Speaking 125 years after the US supreme court settled the issue of birthright citizenship, former president Donald Trump pledged once again to end it....[Read More]

Louisiana: Restaurant manager died after getting trapped inside a freezer, lawsuit says

An Arby’s manager “beat her hands bloody trying to escape or get someone’s attention” before she died locked inside a freezer at one of the fast-food ...[Read More]

Debt ceiling deal clears first hurdle with House panel and advances for debate

The bipartisan debt ceiling deal brokered by Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy passed an important hurdle Tuesday evening, advancing to the full House of R...[Read More]

Five people still unaccounted for after Iowa apartment building collapse

Five people remain unaccounted for after part of an apartment building collapsed in Davenport, Iowa, over the weekend, officials said Tuesday. The rem...[Read More]

NATO troops form security cordons in Kosovo as Serbs protest

NATO peacekeeping soldiers have formed security cordons around four town halls in Kosovo to keep back Serbs protesting against ethnic Albanian mayors ...[Read More]

Uganda’s Museveni approves anti-LGBTQ law – parliament speaker

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has assented to an anti-homosexuality law, the speaker of the country’s parliament said on Monday. The approval of t...[Read More]

Spain election: Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez calls early election for July 23

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s prime minister, has called an early general election for July 23 after his party suffered a significant setback in local and re...[Read More]

Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein dilemma: party split over senator’s diminishing health

There is open debate within the party over whether 89-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose health and cognitive abilities have come into question ...[Read More]

US-Mexico border: Texas’s use of ‘invasion’ clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say

Texas is challenging federal control of policy on the US-Mexico border by exploiting what it sees as a constitutional loophole around the definition o...[Read More]

US Congress: Biden hails debt ceiling deal as he and McCarthy prepare to sell it to Congress

US president Joe Biden has said a bipartisan deal to raise the $31.4tn US debt ceiling and avoid a default is ready to move to Congress and urged lawm...[Read More]

Biden, McCarthy agree to raise US debt ceiling – what’s in the deal?

Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy have reached an agreement to lift the US debt ceiling and avoid a disastrous and unprecedented default. Prior to the deta...[Read More]

Body of Ohio prison break fugitive recovered, police say

Authorities believe they found the body of a convicted killer who escaped an Ohio prison by hiding in a trash container, they said Sunday. The search ...[Read More]

Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors

The US is at an increased risk of domestic terror attacks by rightwing “lone wolf” actors, experts have warned, as inflammatory Republican rhetoric ar...[Read More]

FBI offers $250,000 reward for Chicago man accused of killing his bride hours after their wedding

The FBI has more than doubled reward money in an effort to catch a Chicago man accused of killing his wife just hours after they got married more than...[Read More]

Kentucky man wins $1 million lottery ticket during emergency fuel stop: “I ran out of gas!”

A Kentucky man made an emergency stop at a gas station with just $40 in his pocket. Spending all his cash, he left with $20 worth of fuel in his tank ...[Read More]

Louisiana teen Cameron Robbins missing after going overboard on Bahamas cruise during graduation trip

Search crews are looking for a missing American teenager who went overboard during a sunset cruise in the Bahamas, authorities said. Cameron Robbins, ...[Read More]

COVID hospitalizations reach new record low nationwide, CDC says

The number of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 has fallen to a new record low nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. ...[Read More]

Indiana board reprimands, fines doctor for speaking publicly about abortion for 10-year-old rape victim

Washington — Indiana’s medical licensing board on Thursday issued a letter of reprimand and levied a fine against the obstetrician-gynecologist ...[Read More]

New South Carolina abortion law halted by judge until state Supreme Court review

South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions at around six weeks will not yet go into effect, after a judge temporarily halted its implementa...[Read More]

War: Russian armed resistance group helping Ukraine attack Putin on his own soil

Kharkiv, Ukraine — Major cities across Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, were targeted yet again by Russian cruise missiles and drones in the early...[Read More]

Read: Bank scam that began with a text message ends with woman losing life savings: “My whole world fell apart”

In a stark reminder of the growing threat of financial scams, Deborah Moss, owner of a small catering business, found herself ensnared in a sophistica...[Read More]

US politics: Lawmakers blame each other for debt ceiling standoff: ‘They are not negotiating’

Lawmakers exchanged sharp criticism about who was to blame for the protracted standoff over the debt ceiling on Wednesday. As the country nears its de...[Read More]

US politics: House Democrats burst into laughter after Marjorie Taylor Greene called for ‘decorum’

Democrats in the House chamber burst into raucous laughter when Marjorie Taylor Greene called for “decorum”. The far-right Georgia Republican, controv...[Read More]

Florida mother behind ban on Amanda Gorman poem has Proud Boys links

The parent behind Amanda Gorman’s poem ban in a Florida school appears to have attended Proud Boys rallies and has previously posted antisemitic memes...[Read More]

US politics: Debt ceiling deal within sight as Biden and Republicans continue to negotiate

Joe Biden and Republican lawmakers on Thursday appeared to be nearing a deal to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling, with little time to spare to ...[Read More]

Texas panel recommends impeaching state attorney general Ken Paxton

The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, teetered on the brink of impeachment Thursday after years of scandal, criminal charges and corruption accusati...[Read More]

US foreign policy: Joe Biden’s advisers say he doesn’t want to drag Pacific allies into ‘headlong clash’ between US and China

Joe Biden’s senior advisers have acknowledged countries in the Indo-Pacific don’t want to be “trampled by a headlong clash” between the US and China. ...[Read More]

Harlan Crow refuses to cooperate with Democrats’ inquiry on Clarence Thomas

Lawyers for Harlan Crow, the rightwing billionaire whose friendship with and gifts to the conservative supreme court justice Clarence Thomas are the f...[Read More]

Los Angeles: Dodgers re-invite drag nuns to Pride Night after cutting them

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a well-known San Francisco order of queer and trans “nuns” that has existe...[Read More]

California man fatally hit by vehicle after helping ducks cross the road

Family members of a California man said it was no surprise his final act was one of compassion, after he exited his car at a busy intersection in orde...[Read More]

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: Updates on day 455 of the invasion

⚫ Moscow claims to have repelled an attack led by Ukraine-aligned militias that led to a series of chaotic battles in Russia’s Belgorod region, which ...[Read More]

Ukraine invasion: European Union discusses earmarking €1bn for Ukraine

EU countries have provided 220,000 artillery shells and 1,300 missiles to Ukraine since March, its foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has said, as m...[Read More]

Global development: Hundreds of refugees in Malawi rounded up and sent to camps

Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers in Malawi have been forcibly relocated from the capital, Lilongwe, to an overcrowded government camp. Over the...[Read More]

Space: Virgin Orbit grounds operations months after failure of UK space mission

Virgin Orbit, the satellite launch company founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, will permanently cease operations, just months after a majo...[Read More]

Inflation: UK inflation falls to 8.7% in sharpest drop since cost of living crisis began

Britain has recorded the sharpest fall in inflation since the cost of living crisis began, with a drop in the annual rate to 8.7%, but food prices con...[Read More]

Global development: Race against time to stop ‘humanitarian disaster’ among Sudan refugees in Chad

Tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees, many of them children, who have crossed the border into Chad risk a “major humanitarian disaster” when the rai...[Read More]

Artificial Intelligence: Leaders of OpenAI call for regulation to avoid AI destroying humanity in future

The frontrunners of the ChatGPT developer OpenAI are calling for the regulation of “superintelligent” AIs, stressing that an equivalent to the Interna...[Read More]

Republican witness raises questions over whether he lied under oath to key panel

A key witness of the Republicans is facing questions over whether he lied under oath about collecting financial support from an ally of ex US presiden...[Read More]

US Senator Tim Scott launches bid for 2024 Republican presidential nomination

US presidential aspirant, Tim Scott formally launched his presidential campaign on Monday, joining a growing field of Republican candidates looking to...[Read More]

Remains of 4-year-old boy found in California river day after sister found dead

A search party have discovered the remains of a four-year-old boy in a surging California river on Monday, a day after his eight-year-old sister lost ...[Read More]

President Biden and McCarthy hold debt discussions to no avail as default deadline nears

Kevin McCarthy, House speaker of the United States and president Joe Biden have said they had a “productive” deliberation on the debt ceiling late on ...[Read More]