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Woman allegedly shoots and kill an Uber driver, thinking he abducted her and was taking her to Mexico

A Kentucky woman has been accused of fatally shooting her West Texas Uber driver after mistakenly believing she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexic...[Read More]

Girlfriend of wealthy dentist Lawrence Rudolph, who murdered his wife on a safari, bags 17 year jail term

Denver — The girlfriend of a dentist convicted of murdering his wife on an African safari was sentenced Friday to 17 years in prison for being an acce...[Read More]

Official found dead after being “ingested” into plane engine at San Antonio airport

An airport worker died Friday after he was “ingested” into the engine of a Delta plane at San Antonio International Airport, the National ...[Read More]

Skull found by California hunter in 1991 identified through DNA as remains of missing 4-year-old Derrick Burton

A human skull found in rural Southern California in 1991 has been identified through DNA testing as the remains of a missing boy, authorities said. Th...[Read More]

Locals advised to remain vigilant after 3 elderly people stabbed to death inside Newton home, no arrests

NEWTON – The Nonantum neighborhood of Newton is on high alert after police say three elderly people were killed inside a home on Broadway Street...[Read More]

Sad as 1 die after riders plunge from derailed roller coaster in Sweden, several others injured

A roller coaster train derailed in Stockholm on Sunday, sending some passengers plunging to the ground in an amusement park accident that left one dea...[Read More]

Pregnant woman shot and killed by her two-year-old son

Laura Ilg, a pregnant woman and her unborn child, have tragically passed away in the USA. The woman died last week in the US state of Ohio after her t...[Read More]

Hunter Biden reaches deal to plead guilty to tax charges following federal investigation

Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, has reached a tentative deal with the U.S. attorney in Delaware, agreeing to enter guilty pleas to two misd...[Read More]

FBI offers $250,000 reward for Chicago man accused of killing his bride hours after their wedding

The FBI has more than doubled reward money in an effort to catch a Chicago man accused of killing his wife just hours after they got married more than...[Read More]

Kentucky man wins $1 million lottery ticket during emergency fuel stop: “I ran out of gas!”

A Kentucky man made an emergency stop at a gas station with just $40 in his pocket. Spending all his cash, he left with $20 worth of fuel in his tank ...[Read More]

Louisiana teen Cameron Robbins missing after going overboard on Bahamas cruise during graduation trip

Search crews are looking for a missing American teenager who went overboard during a sunset cruise in the Bahamas, authorities said. Cameron Robbins, ...[Read More]

COVID hospitalizations reach new record low nationwide, CDC says

The number of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 has fallen to a new record low nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. ...[Read More]

Indiana board reprimands, fines doctor for speaking publicly about abortion for 10-year-old rape victim

Washington — Indiana’s medical licensing board on Thursday issued a letter of reprimand and levied a fine against the obstetrician-gynecologist ...[Read More]

New South Carolina abortion law halted by judge until state Supreme Court review

South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions at around six weeks will not yet go into effect, after a judge temporarily halted its implementa...[Read More]

War: Russian armed resistance group helping Ukraine attack Putin on his own soil

Kharkiv, Ukraine — Major cities across Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, were targeted yet again by Russian cruise missiles and drones in the early...[Read More]

Read: Bank scam that began with a text message ends with woman losing life savings: “My whole world fell apart”

In a stark reminder of the growing threat of financial scams, Deborah Moss, owner of a small catering business, found herself ensnared in a sophistica...[Read More]

US politics: Lawmakers blame each other for debt ceiling standoff: ‘They are not negotiating’

Lawmakers exchanged sharp criticism about who was to blame for the protracted standoff over the debt ceiling on Wednesday. As the country nears its de...[Read More]

US politics: House Democrats burst into laughter after Marjorie Taylor Greene called for ‘decorum’

Democrats in the House chamber burst into raucous laughter when Marjorie Taylor Greene called for “decorum”. The far-right Georgia Republican, controv...[Read More]

Florida mother behind ban on Amanda Gorman poem has Proud Boys links

The parent behind Amanda Gorman’s poem ban in a Florida school appears to have attended Proud Boys rallies and has previously posted antisemitic memes...[Read More]

My ‘wife’ slept with my best friend on our wedding day – UFC fighter Tim Elliott cries out (photo)

UFC flyweight fighter Tim Elliott has gone online to drag his wife ex-wife Gina Mazany. He accused Gina of having an affair with his friend and teamma...[Read More]

Bees kill six passengers after road crash

In what will come across as a really startling development, as many as six passengers have tragically met their end after they were stung to death by ...[Read More]

Police arrest man who tried to set mosque on fire

Police have nabbed a man who attempted to burn down a mosque in the German city of Dresden late Tuesday evening. The man was caught spilling petrol in...[Read More]

Paramilitary police arrests former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been apprehended by paramilitary troops in Islamabad on charges brought by the country’s anti-corruption ...[Read More]

Prince Harry not included as coronation photo of King Charles emerges

The youngest son of King Charles III, Prince Harry, has been excluded from the coronation portrait of his father. This is coming after Charles III was...[Read More]

FG withdraws immigration case against Seplat’s CEO

The federal government has withdrawn immigration lawsuit against Seplat Energy Plc Chief Executive Officer, Roger Brown. Recall that the FG had filed ...[Read More]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Starship explodes minutes after landmark launch of world’s most powerful rocket system

SpaceX, the American spacecraft manufacturer, lauched Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built, today. SpaceX launched Starship in a landmark tes...[Read More]

Ghanaian rapper sues Drake for $10m over copyright infringement

Obrafour, a Ghanaian rap artiste, is suing Drake. He has taken Drake, the multiple award-winning Canadian singer, to court over alleged copyright infr...[Read More]

Saudi lawyer wants Ronaldo deported for ‘grabbing genitals’ openly

Nouf bin Ahmed, a Saudi Arabian lawyer, has slammed Cristiano Ronaldo. He vowed to file a complaint against Cristiano Ronaldo after the player appeare...[Read More]

R. Kelly appeals federal s3x crime case in New York

Embattled RnB artist, R. Kelly has filed an appeal against the federal s3x crimes he’s being accused of in New York. The disgraced singer who wa...[Read More]

Two Texas cheerleaders shot after mistakenly getting into wrong car in Parking Lot

In what will come across as a really startling development, two cheerleaders in Texas have been killed. They were shot after one of them mistakenly go...[Read More]

25-year-old K-POP star, Moonbin found dead at his apartment

Moonbin, a K-pop star, has sadly passed away, BBC reports. He died at the age of 25, his record label has announced. Moonbin was found unresponsive by...[Read More]

Panic as 300-year-old ‘sacred’ tree falls in Kenyan community

Panic has taken a community in Kenya after a sacred tree said to be about 300 years old came crashing down. The ancient tree fell down in Nyeri Monday...[Read More]

Man arrested for posing as a Lawyer and operating a law firm for a year

A Kenyan national identified as James Kimathi Muthuri has been arraigned for impersonation following his arrest by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) at h...[Read More]

Woman arrested in Indonesia for pressing her n*ked body on sacred tree

A woman, Luiza Kosykh has been arrested for allegedly posing n*de on a sacred tree. Kosykh has been arrested by authorities in Bali, Indonesia, after ...[Read More]

Woman dies while undergoing weight loss surgery in Turkey (photo)

A young woman has lost her life in Turkey while undergoing surgery to reduce her weight called gastric band surgery. The woman identified as Shannon B...[Read More]

Finland ignores Putin, to officially become a member of NATO military alliance tomorrow

Finland will officially become a member of the The North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Tuesday. According to reports, Finnish President Sauli Niinis...[Read More]

68-year-old security guard allegedly killed by Pit Bulls

A 68-year-old security guard identified as Takawira Gift Muzvidziwa has been found dead after allegedly being attacked by pit bulls in Harare, Zimbabw...[Read More]

Airplane falls from sky and crashes into a house leaving two dead and four injured (photos)

Two women inside a house escaped death when a light aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the roof of their home in Brazil, killing two others. ...[Read More]

Philadelphia to pay pregnant women $1,000 monthly

Philadelphia officials have disclosed that they are fundraising to launch a trial program to be able to give the monthly sum of $1,000 payments to pre...[Read More]

Any attempt to arrest Putin would be declaration of war on Russia, all our missiles will fly – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

A former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said any attempt to arrest President Vladimir Putin would mean declaration of war on the country. His s...[Read More]

Controversial pastor arrested after his church member starved and suffocated her two children to death to ‘please God’

A controversial Kenyan televangelist has been arrested by the Kenyan Police. He was arrested in connection with the death of two children allegedly ki...[Read More]

Popular actress, Amanda Bynes found roaming the streets completely n*ked

Amanda Bynes, a popular American actress, has been placed on psychiatric hold. She was hospitalized after she was found walking n*ked on the street, a...[Read More]

International court issues arrest warrant for Russian President, Putin

A warrant of arrest has been issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The International Criminal Court issued the warrant on Friday, March 17 ...[Read More]

Pilots suspended after photos showed them taking hot coffee and pastries in the cockpit

Two pilots of an Indian airline, SpiceJet have been suspended for allegedly consuming coffee and pastries inside the cockpit, a situation that could h...[Read More]

Residents pounce on two female thieves allegedly terrorizing community

Two suspected female thieves were brutalized by residents for allegedly stealing from unsuspecting members of the public, using fake money, in Kahawa ...[Read More]

Two footballers die after being struck by lightning during match in Kenya (Photo)

Lightning has killed two football players during a friendly match at Manyansi area, in Kitutu Chache North Constituency, Kisii County, Kenya. The comp...[Read More]

Death row inmate executed 30 years after killing 4 people including a pregnant teenager

A man identified as Arthur Brown Jr has now been executed after he was handed the death penalty for the June 1992 murder of 4 persons in a Houston hom...[Read More]

American lawyer who killed his wife and son placed in secure area of prison for his own safety

Alex Murdaugh, an American lawyer who has been sentenced to two life sentences after being convicted for the murder of his wife and 22-year-old son, i...[Read More]

39-year-old woman imprisoned after being filmed cutting up and eating her pet

A drug addict, Emma Parker who was seen in a video cutting up and eating her pet hamster called “Mr Nibbles” has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonm...[Read More]

Shock as six-year-old boy gets shot by a 4-year-old boy

In what will come across as a really startling development, a six-year-old boy has been rushed to hospital after getting shot. He was sent to hospital...[Read More]

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