Are you looking for a way to make money online without investment, i mean paying nothing ?

Yes, there are legit ways of making money online without investing any money on it.

Making money online is one of the simplest way of earning incomes to your pocket, it does not spend or have a physical shop, in fact, you can earn a lot of money while staying at home.

On this article , am going to teach you 3 legit ways you can earn online without spending any kobo and at the end of it, you will be able to learn the simple step and source for making money online.

There are many sources online where you can just sign up and start making money and here are few steps toward making money online without investment.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simple ways of making money online without investing , though some people do not have an idea about what affiliate marketing is all about. So, let me explain it to your understanding.

Affiliate marketing is the process of collaborating with a company or an individual in selling or distributing their products to an interested individual thereby getting some commission from the resulting sales.

This mean you are no the owner of those products, your work is only to recommend people to their products and once your sales is confirmed then you are entitled to earn some percentage.

How Affiliate program works ?

Affiliate marketing is free and easy to thrive on, once you sign up for affiliate marketing , you will be given all the necessary equipment which you will use in advertising their products, this include your unique affiliate link, banners and more.

How to advertise affiliate products to generate more sales

To generate good income from affiliate marketing , you have to advertise in on your website, social media or you share the products to your email subscription list.

How to advertise your affiliate product on your website

Website look one of the best place to start affiliate marketing because from it , you have a huge number of visitors who might be interested in what you want to advertise, so there is a huge chance you make it from affiliate marketing on your website.

As an affiliate marketer, it is not compulsory to own a website but it is important to have one , though there are some expenses you could make if you want to host your website on wordpress, but you can create a free website on google blogger platform by following this link

After you have successfully create your blog , create some engaging article to drive traffic to your website , log in to your affiliate program dashboard , copy the product link and banner code and paste it anywhere you want to place it on your website.

Once a visitor pay for any service rendered by your merchant then you will earn a commission from it.

There are some high paying affiliate programs out there, some are scam affiliate network which i will advice you to avoid, you can check out the list of legit affiliate programs through this link.

Ads Serving: Ad serving is one of the best way of earning online without paying anything, this is just a process of placing ads on your website.

once someone click on your ads then you earn , visitors doesn’t need to buy anything or pay for any service you render but just to click on those ad.

Adsense is the world most popular ads network in the world which offers it advertisers the chance of making huge income without investing.

There are many conditions you need to pass through before you can use adsense, these are, you need a website and your website must be older than 3 months, you need to write original articles before your website can be approved.

There are many other Adsense alternatives which you can use, they give approval without needing to review you website.

you can check for reviews on adnaira and ngadverts here


There is no room for an idle man, making money without making any investment should be a very big very big step that attract you and it is essential to earn as it will help you take care of your daily needs , i believe if you stick to this guide, then there is a very big chance of you making it in life.

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